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Why Honduras
Why you should come to

VeGa Community Honduras

Honduras is more than a destination.

Honduras is more than a destination, and so are we. An all-inclusive seamless experience of sustainability, nature, and community all in one place. 

We are in San Pedro Sula, a city within a city in nature, sustainability, and stays. Every footstep you take in our community, you will see evidence of our commitment to a sustainable future. This is shown through our nature reserve just steps away from our front door, 1,800+ tree cacao plantations, and recycled containers.

Our vision is to invite our long-term community and short-term guests to an immersive sustainable experience. ​Our current and future projects include further development into self-sufficiency and sustainability; the reserve, seed to feed cacao to chocolate processing, as well as composting in our community.

Image by María Castillo
Amit Planting Papayas

Enjoy our Community

Everywhere in our sustainable living community, there are countless stories of impact from people all around the world. 


No matter where you look online and live you will find evidence of our community around us. This spans not only outdoors, but within our business like our vision, business, and marketing.

 If you are passionate about a sustainable lifestyle, impacting the planet, and creating a community, you may love collaborating with us.  

The Experience

You will be encouraged to learn and participate in our activities like visiting the reserve, cacao process, hiking in San Pedro Sula, visiting Lake Yojoa, Copan Ruins, and the Bay Islands. It is a great opportunity to practice Spanish, make new friends, share cultural experiences with food and traditions from respective countries.


The types of accommodation provided at the Recycled Containers are in private rooms with outdoor co-working spaces with great WiFi. Each accommodation includes a desk, fan, sink, and shared bathroom per floor. Free drinking water is always available.


Located steps away from a nature reserve, park, and Japanese Garden; you will love the peace and quiet of the city within the city.


Perfect for nature and animal lovers, digital nomads and travellers.

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