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VeGa Community Honduras


Here at VeGa we're always working on new ways to achieve our goals.

Currently we our focusing on three main projects: 

1. Urban Cacao: We manage a small cacao plantation where we harvest and process our own products using only organic farming practices. Our goal is to be able to produce many different products like nibs, butter, chocolate, etc, and also have one day our own cacao school where anyone interested can come and learn about the whole process (for the cacao) from seed to feed.  

2. Birds: According to Ebird, Honduras has 774 registered bird species. As of July 2022, In the adjacent natural private reserve, we have 119 registered species (on Ebird). We're currently organizing bird watching tours, and are also planting our own hummingbird gardening, designed by Alicia Cedeño, which we hope will attract more species and provide visitors with greater opportunities to watch and photograph these beautiful birds in an open and natural space.

3. Food Forest: Having food security is of great importance for our community, so we decided to have our own food forest where we can grow and harvest our own food. This will provide members and visitors of our community with fresh produce and will also serve as an example that can inspire other communities to start their own food forest.

Want to collaborate with us?

Do you have a special skill set you wish to share with us? Want to work with us achieving our goal?

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