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This Is Our Story

VeGa=Veronica and Gabriel's names combined

Our Vision is to Start with VeGa Community Honduras as a blueprint
for future sustainable living communities globally.

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Veronica Polia


Veronica is Italian born and raised. 

Her creative and innovative mind paired with a deep love of the earth shows in her community management.


Her professional experience with a Masters’s in Architecture aligns with the sustainable lifestyle of the community. She has the vision to beautify the world with landscape art. 

Gabriel Aguilar 


Gabriel is a native-born Honduran who has traveled the world. He is deeply passionate, practical, and joyful and it shows in everything he does. 


While most of his working experience has been as a field engineer responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing projects, this history serves greatly in the creation of the VeGa community on a daily basis. 

Our Community at a glance

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