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Honduras Sustainable Lifestyle and Recycled Containers Stays in San Pedro Sula Launches

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Although tourism is impacted globally, VeGa Community operating in the northern part of Honduras hours away from La Ceiba and the Bay Islands is immersed in nature, sustainability and stays launches.

We live and breathe the VeGa Community in Honduras.

Honduras is more than a destination, and so are we.

Sustainable Living in Honduras

About the Founders

Hello, we are the founders, Veronica and Gabriel. We met in Italy in 2018.

VeGa is the combination of first two letters of our names.

Gabriel is a native-born Honduran who has travelled the world. He is deeply passionate, practical, and joyful and it shows in everything he does.

While most of his working experience has been as a field engineer responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing projects, this history serves greatly in the creation of the VeGa community on a daily basis.

As a world citizen and global traveller fluent in Spanish, English, and Italian, Gabriel is well-positioned as a driven team player to lead the VeGa Community.

Veronica is Italian born and raised near Turin, Italy. In 2018, Veronica and met Gabriel in Italy working together at a firm. Creative and innovative with a deep love of the earth, it shows in her community management.

Her professional experience with a Masters’s in architecture aligns with the sustainable lifestyle in every way of the community. She has the vision to beautify the world with landscape art.

She loves connecting and creating communities all around the world.

About Our Stays

Whether you are looking to visit the northern part of Honduras for business and/or adventure, the Recycled Container Dorms with VeGa Community has you covered.

The private and group rooms, open-air and co-working space, kitchen, and nature immersion offer it all. The open-air outdoor area and patio, and fast WiFI provide a great place to co-work, host meetings, and get work done.

VeGa Community

On top of that, VeGa Community offers private rooms, private parking, fans, a kitchen, long and short-term stays, office spaces, and experiences with a reserve and cacao plantain. Not to mention, the area we´re located in is managed 24/7 by onsite security at a gate, and regular stops to the community by security.

VeGa Community sustainable lifestyle and stays await you.


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